Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brooklyn Tornado

Drew and I adventured around the neighborhood the morning after the storm. What a mess!!

swimmin hole

Kim decided to take us all on an adventure..from Brooklyn to Philly to a secret and bonkers swimmin hole in New Jersey. Totally awesome.

Florida 2010

Drew and I spent about a week running around central Florida. Aside from throwing a surprise birthday party for my dad's 60th..we raided thrift stores and explored real Florida attractions.

Asheville, NC

James, Drew and I headed South for a while...My dear friend Megan let us crash with her for a few nights at her amazing house.

Baltimore with The Pauses

One of my favorite bands from Orlando is the Pauses. Tierney and her boys are excellent musicians and great pals! In June 2010 they received their Kickstarter funds to record an album with the fantastic J. Robbins in Baltimore and invited me to come with them.
I jumped on this for a number of reasons..Most importantly because I'd never had the opportunity to go to Baltimore before, my mom and four generations of her family lived in what is now a wasteland in West Baltimore and I really wanted to trace some of her footsteps.
So inbetween recording sessions I adventured!

Christopher Paul Stelling

Chris had always wanted to have a photoshoot in a church. So when one of his friends decided to try to purchase this gigantic church on Bedford ave and turn it into a multi-purpose artist space we figured we could go ahead and break in to have a shoot.
It was seriously pitch black inside and super raining outside. I even managed to leave my eyeglasses inside somewhere. What a day.